Snow Policy

Residents are reminded that the City of Westfield is responsible for the removal of snow on all of our streets within Sonoma. If you have a concern please contact the City of Westfield at 317-804-3100.

To view the comply policy of the City of Westfield's Snow Push Policy, go to

Snow Push Policy for the City of Westfield
  • Snow fall events of 3'' or more required to push residential streets
  • Residential strees will be plowed after primary and secondary roads are clear
  • Timeline for completion varies; normally completion is 12 hours from end of snow fall event
  • Excessive snow, wind, and ice will delay the completion

Sonoma plows only the alleyway streets that were to be low-maintenance homes.

The vendor will monitor conditions throughout any snow fall event. There is a 3'' or more event required to push.
Streets will be salted upon the board snow captain's approval.